14-16 Settembre 2017

Program for Endoscopic Teachers (PET) Course

3 giorni Medici

Co-Course Directors:

Jonathan Cohen (USA)
Guido Costamagna (Italy)
Tomas Hucl (Czech Republic)


Tiing Leong Ang (Singapore)
Ivo Boskoski (Italy)
Jonathan Cohen (USA)
Guido Costamagna (Italy)
Cesare Hassan (Italy)
Ian Gralnek (Israel)
Adam Haycock (UK)
Wojciech Marlicz (Poland)
Bret Petersen (USA)
Lucio Petruzziello (Italy)
Alessandro Repici (Italy)
Andrea Tringali (Italy)


12.00 pm
Lunch for faculty

1.00 pm
Faculty briefing

5.45 pm
Welcome/Overview of program

6.00 pm
Bret Petersen
Developing effective endoscopic training skills

6.20 pm
Tiing Leong Ang - Ian Gralnek - Wojciech Marlicz - Lucio Petruzziello
The training environment
An interactive discussion with attendees to think through the challenges of identifying and optimizing effective trainers and trainees in endoscopy
• Who should teach endoscopy and where
• Who should be trained in endoscopy and to what level
• The training environment – Panel discussion

7.00 pm
Reception for all participants, faculty, and industrial partners

7.50 am
Jon Cohen & Guido Costamagna
Course opening

8.00 am
Breakout I – Small group learning sessions
Small group learning sessions: Participants divided into 4 groups of 10 participants each to rotate through four in-depth, interactive sessions on the following topics which will include diverse perspectives from local and international trainers
Session A:
Cesare Hassan, Wojciech Marlicz & Alessandro Repici
Local issues
• Structural program issues and training issues pertinent to attendees
Session B:
Tiing Leong Ang, Guido Costamagna & Andrea Tringali
Challenges in advanced endoscopy training
• How to teach vs what to teach
• When and who to train
• How to instruct the advancing endoscopist
• When to take the scope
• Procedures of increasing difficulty
• Balancing needs of the trainee with the needs and safety of the patient and unit
• Teaching ERCP cannulation techniques
• Incorporating new technology and techniques into a training program
Session C:
Jon Cohen, Adam Haycock & one Italian faculty
Teaching cognitive skills
Session D:
Bret Petersen & two Italian faculty
Giving feedback

8.30 am
Breackout II

9.00 am
Video teaching scenario
Discussion session of 30 minutes

9.30 am
Refreshments and visit exhibits

10.00 am
Live teaching: Two Italian faculty (possibly Ivo Boskoski?)
Communicator: Guido Costamagna
Moderators: Jon Cohen & Bret Petersen

Live cases broadcast from the endoscopy unit
Three procedures in total: ERCP, colonoscopy, Barrett’s For each, one member of faculty will be in the room, responsible for teaching, and one fellow, not too advanced for the EGD and colon. For each, the teacher and fellow will have a brief discussion prior to starting, PET participants will observe the teaching and the teacher giving feedback to the trainee after the procedure briefly where possible, and then ideally, the teacher and student will join the audience to the give the teacher feedback on the training.

12.30 am
Lunch break and visit exhibit

1.30 pm
Alessandro Repici & local panel
Teaching endoscopy – Panel discussion with 2-3 faculty leaders
• Supervised training of the novice to intermediate
• Encourage as open moderated discussion, rather than didactic lecture
• Emphasis on how to teach vs what to teach
• Role of instructor
• How to instruct the beginner endoscopist:
- Technical endoscopy protocols: when to use knobs, torque, planning technical scope movement, cautery settings
- Begin with EGD? Colonoscopy? Both?
- Defining the role of the fellow in patient care
- Procedures of increasing difficulty
- Fellows progressively take on more comprehensive roles

2.00 pm
Adam Haycock
Trainee assessment and competency
15 minute session: 8 minute lecture, 7 minute discussion
• Use of assessment in giving feedback within the program
• Self-assessment tools and in-service examinations
• Role of trainee in conducting conferences and teaching assignments
• Threshold numbers: What are they and how to use them
• Competency-based measurement tools
• Use of quality indicators in tracking trainee progress
• When to assess competency

2.15 pm
Guido Costamagna & Bret Petersen
Competency in ERCP
15 minute session: 8 minute lecture, 7 minute discussion

2.30 pm Refreshments and visit exhibit

3.00 pm
Breakout III

3.30 pm
Breakout IV

4.00 pm Lecture: Jon Cohen
Moderators: Ivo Boskoski & Adam Haycock

Simulators and training tools
20 minute talk, 10 minute discussion and Q&A on how the attendees use simulators and how to best incorporate them into the training

4.30 pm

7.00 pm

8.00 am
Hands-on simulator training (5 stations):
1. Ian Gralnek & Cesare Hassan
Team-work and non-technical communication skills with assistant (hemostasis or polypectomy ex vivo)
2. Alessandro Repici
Deconstruction of tasks (EMR ex vivo model)/getting out of a jam (closure of defect/hemostasis ex vivo model)
3. Adam Haycock & Bret Petersen
Teaching basic manipulations/language/ergonomics of colonoscopy and maintaining tip control (Rubber colon model, coached blinded intubation, demo of handling)
4. Ivo Boskoski & Guido Costamagna
Tailoring instructor verbal communication to the circumstances of the training - tailoring lesson to level of trainee plus precise instructor verbalization of instructions (Cook ERCP model)
5. Jon Cohen & Wojciech Marlicz
What not to do - teaching by counterexample (clips and injection hemostasis)

11.30 am
Refreshments and visit exhibit

11.50 am
Guido Costamagna
Latest in teaching from the endoscopy unit Rome

12.10 pm
Jon Cohen & Guido Costamagna
Wrap-up session
• What did we learn
• Take home key messages from the breakout sessions
• How might simulators be introduced into the training process
• What topics were not covered or given enough time
• What will attendees try to do differently in their programs looking forward
PET program feedback questions

12.40 pm

1.00 pm
Lunch & debrief for faculty

IPSE & EETC at Policlinic Gemelli, Rome, Italy

IPSE Center, Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli
European Endoscopy Training Center, Università Cattolica Sacrio Cuore

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