17 Gennaio 2017

Bilio-Pancreatic Endoscopy Advanced Training Course

2 giorni      Medici, Infermieri

The Advanced Training Course on Bilio-Pancreatic Endoscopy is intended for residents and fellows (gastroenterologists, surgeons) with a previous experience, or ongoing training, in therapeutic ERCP.

The combination between up-to-date lectures, overview of the devices and the “tips and tricks” given during the live videodemonstrations, will stimulate interactive discussion among participants and tutors.

Each participant will have the opportunity to directly manipulate the duodenoscope and to perform cannulations, sphincterotomies and stent insertions with the latest devices available during the hands-on activity on biological models.


ECM: in fase di accreditamento.


Doctor: € 900,00 (Tax excl.)
Resident: € 450,00 (Tax excl.)
AGGEI member: € 450,00 (Tax excl.)
Nurse: € 200,00 (Tax excl.)

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